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Cannabis Doctor X – Medical Marijuana Doctor

Florida Medical Marijuana Clinic

Cannabis Doctor X – Medical Marijuana Doctor is a medical marijuana clinic with several locations in the state of Florida. We are offering excellent service and the best pricing on Florida medical cannabis card evaluations, cannabis card renewals, and patient transfers.  At Cannabis Doctor X – Medical Marijuana Doctor we strive to deliver an authentic approach to your health and personal wellness.  Please schedule an appointment or call us today to learn about our Florida MMJ services.

How To Get A Florida Medical Marijuana Card

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1. Schedule An Appointment

You can schedule an appointment for a medical marijuana card evaluation online or via a phone call.

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2. Receive An Evaluation

Our Florida certified marijuana doctor will determine if a medical cannabis card will benefit you.

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3. Same Day Registration

Our medical marijuana clinic offers same day registration and approval. You’ll have everything complete before you leave the office.

The Cannabis Doctor X – Medical Marijuana Doctor Difference

A Medical Marijuana Clinic That Cares

At Cannabis Doctor X – Medical Marijuana Doctor we understand that the medical industry can be confusing and often intimidating for many people to navigate through so we will be with you through the entire process.  A medical cannabis doctor will explain the entire procedure in detail and answer any questions you may have regarding your Florida medical marijuana card.  With several locations in the state of Florida, our board-certified physicians and knowledgeable staff will make it as easy as possible for you to get your Florida cannabis card. We are giving you the privilege and opportunity to purchase safe and legal medical marijuana anywhere in the state of Florida.  Contact our experts anytime with any questions!

Cannabis Card Pricing

Best Prices in Florida

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Money Back Guarantee

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Thousands Of Patients Approved

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Legally Purchase & Use Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Services

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New Patient Marijuana Card Evaluations

Contact us to schedule an initial evaluation to receive your medical cannabis medical card in Florida! You can submit your appointment online, by phone call, or stop by our medical cannabis clinic 6 days a week. At Cannabis Doctor X – Medical Marijuana Doctor we make the process of getting your medical cannabis card quick and easy!

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Cannabis Card Renewals

The state of Florida requires patients to be re-evaluated every 210 days by their cannabis doctor to meet and discuss their medical cannabis treatment program. You can submit your appointment online, by phone call, or stop by our office 6 days a week. At Cannabis Doctor X – Medical Marijuana Doctor we make the process of renewing your MMJ card quick and easy!

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Patient Transfers

Patients have the right to change doctors at any time. We will walk you through the process of managing your patient profile with the Florida OMMU registry. You can submit your appointment online, by phone call, or stop by our office 6 days a week. At Cannabis Doctor X – Medical Marijuana Doctor we make the process of cannabis card patient transfers quick and easy!

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Introductory Phone Call

Schedule a phone call with a knowledgeable cannabis doctor on the conditions and process of obtaining your medical cannabis card. Ask any questions you may have about the process and determine the best medical cannabis clinic location to schedule an appointment at.

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Patient Education

Florida Cannabis Doctor X – Medical Marijuana Doctor offers several patient resources that are dedicated to consumer education in regard to medical cannabis in the state of Florida.  We recommend learning more by visiting our Medical Cannabis Patient Education section.

Cannabis Doctor X

Our Locations

We have nine locations and are growing fast! If we don’t currently have a location in your area. Let us know where you are located and we’ll contact you as soon as we open one.


How To Qualify For A Florida MMJ Card

The use of medical cannabis in the state of Florida for treatment of various conditions when prescribed by a state-certified cannabis doctor is legal as of June 2017.  If you are considering getting your medical cannabis card through a medical cannabis clinic please review the following conditions and determine whether you may be a potential candidate for our medical cannabis clinic.  A variety of ailments and illnesses can qualify a potential patient for medical cannabis treatment offering proven and effective alleviation of symptoms.  If you have been diagnosed with one of the conditions displayed below or another condition with comparable severity and symptoms you could be eligible for the use of medical cannabis in the state of Florida.

Chronic Pain

Depression and Anxiety

Crohn’s Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson’s Disease
Muscle Spasms

Start your healing journey today by contacting Cannabis Doctor X!

Watch this brief video to learn more about how we can help you.

▶️ Same Day Medical Marijuana Card

Our Doctors

Tele-Health is now available for existing patients 7 days a week. Call (561) 800-8787 for availability

Our telemedicine platform allows you to connect with experienced physicians from anywhere in Florida, eliminating the need for commutes and waiting rooms. Schedule your appointment at a time that suits you best, and receive thorough evaluations, medical cannabis card recommendations, renewals, and patient transfers seamlessly through secure video calls.

They are very professional, patient, attentive and informative.
They put me at ease by answering all my questions and walking me through every step of the process. I truly appreciate great people & great service. If you do too come see them. Highly recommend!!!

Cristy G

Very easy process. Helped my grandmother also and were very patient and informative with all of her questions. Highly recommend!

Anthony Martinelli

Dr. Andricopoulos, Amir, and Jeff were so helpful with my renewal evaluation process. They were friendly, patient, and informative from beginning to end. I highly recommend going to them with any questions or concerns, getting your medical marijuana card for the first time, or a renewal evaluation! Thank you guys for providing such a wonderful service!

Isabella Ribeiro

Excellent service and a wealth of information, I would recommend this place to anybody.

Christopher Oukes

Fantastic service and the most informative when it comes to explaining what patients needs.

Christian Forde

The level of professionalism these guys have is very impressive. And the main thing I loved about my experience is that they truly care about helping people. Took their time informing me about every step of the process so I knew exactly what to expect. Exceptional attention to details. If only our traditional medical industry would have such level of care for the person, and not only the profits...Thank you for making the difference for me.

Yulia Lyutova

Very enjoyable experience. Very clean and professional.

Kasia Kubska

Very friendly and professional!

Isabel Moreno

This place is fantastic!!! The staff was very knowledgeable and gave me great information on the products that they have. Definitely a go to place West Palm Beach, FL.

Tribal Kava

Cannabis Doctor X is the most affordable clinic to get your medical cannabis card. These guys make the process so easy and simple. They even walked me through the process of paying the state. I would strongly recommend this place everyone.

Michael Kistoglou

I can't say enough wonderful things about Cannabis Doctor X. Professional, courteous, and most important, very informative. I would definitely recommend seeing CANNABIS DOCTOR X. West Palm Beach.... Its worth the drive.

Marc G

My experience with the cannabis doctor x was amazing they really took the time to explain everything to me. Also the guys at the front desk customer service is definitely worth the 5 stars for sure.

Diallo Williams

Florida Cannabis Doctor X – Medical Marijuana Doctor

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