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If you are searching for a medical cannabis clinic near me for a cannabis card transfer or medical marijuana related services then Cannabis Doctor X is the medical cannabis clinic for you.  Medical marijuana treatment patients in the state of Florida have the right to transfer marijuana doctors at any time.  The cannabis card transfer process is relatively easy and simple but can still be confusing at times.  Our cannabis card patient transfer process is painless and can be completed with minimum effort.  Cannabis Doctor X will walk you through the process of releasing your current doctor on the OMMU registry.  We will renew most doctor recommendations and require a re-evaluation after 7 months to follow the state of Florida guidelines in regards to discussing patients’ medical marijuana treatment programs.  Our cannabis card patient transfer program covers all remaining orders during your current recommendation cycle and any additional doctor visits or order changes within that same time frame.  If you are currently out of recommendation orders you will need to contact us in regards to our cannabis card renewal and re-certification service.  Cannabis Doctor X will walk you through the cannabis card patient transfer process with our easy to follow program.  Call us today or schedule an appointment online.

At Cannabis Doctor X our staff of knowledgeable experts provide professional, compassionate and private medical evaluations for patients seeking to legally obtain a Florida cannabis card.  All of the qualified state certified physicians are licensed and in good standing with the Medical Board of Florida.  Cannabis Doctor X offers a plethora of medical cannabis clinic services focused on addressing illness and injury.  The Cannabis Doctor X team will guide you through several options to make sure that you are comfortable with your medical marijuana treatment program.  We understand that not every patient is the same and that specialized treatment is required for every individual circumstance.  Cannabis Doctor X builds a custom treatment plan for every patient that will provide the best possible care while keeping our pricing low.  When searching for a medical cannabis clinic near me Cannabis Doctor X is the best solution in Florida. If you have any questions on the patient transfer process in Florida or the other services our medical cannabis clinic provides please contact Cannabis Doctor X today or stop by any of our Florida locations and speak with our expert staff. 

Cannabis Card Patient Transfers

When medical marijuana became legal in the state of Florida many people jumped at the ability to purchase an all natural medicine that would treat the symptoms of chronic illness and debilitating conditions.  Several people probably searched for a medical cannabis clinic near me and went to the first cannabis doctor available without performing proper research or getting to know the doctor and medical cannabis clinic staff.  Due to the personal relationships patients must share with their cannabis doctor it is entirely understandable to want to search for a different physician to manage your medical marijuana treatment plan.  Yes, patients have the right to change doctors at any time and this is a right patients should exercise if they do not feel comfortable with their current treatment program.  Cannabis Doctor X can walk you through the process of managing your patient profile with the OMMU registry.  You are able to submit your appointment online, by phone call or stop by our office 6 days a week.  At Cannabis Doctor X we make the process of cannabis card patient transfers quick and easy! 

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