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Book a Florida Medical Marijuana Evaluation

Appointments With state Certified MMJ Doctors

Schedule an appointment at the Cannabis Doctor X medical marijuana clinic of your choice.  Our state certified medical marijuana doctor is waiting to help patients with initial consultations, renewals and patient transfers.  You will be treated with respect, confidentially and the most important factor, premier medical care, to help treat your qualified debilitating or chronic condition.  The process is four simple steps:

  1. Choose the service you would like to schedule an appointment for
  2. Select the location of the medical marijuana clinic you would like to visit
  3. Select the date and time for the medical marijuana clinic appointment
  4. Provide your personal details in the contact form

If you have any questions in regards to the medical marijuana clinic scheduling process or you would prefer to speak to a live Cannabis Doctor X staff member directly please contact us at 561-800-8787.

Why To Choose Cannabis Doctor X

Patients Get Their Medical Marijuana Cards Quickly

Patients who possess a Florida driver's license or Florida ID can obtain a temporary card instantly. However, for those without a Florida driver's license or ID, the standard processing time is 5-10 business days.

Cannabis Doctor X Delivers Results

Cannabis Doctor X is focused on providing the highest standard of personalized care at our medical marijuana clinic. We provide patients with answers to any and all questions they might have in regards to obtaining their Florida medical marijuana card. Our medical marijuana doctor takes their time to discuss patients treatment programs and our knowledgeable staff is available at any time to assist our patients with any matter. Cannabis Doctor X keeps all our patients informed on their re-certification and renewal dates to prevent a lapse in treatment. Whatever you need, Cannabis Doctor X has you covered!

Our Medical Marijuana Clinic Commitment To You

At Cannabis Doctor X we listen to our patients and educate them on the benefits of medical marijuana treatment. We understand that no two patients are alike and provide individualized treatment plans so our patients get the maxim benefit of medical marijuana.

Compassionate & Competent Care

Our medical marijuana clinic employs a team of industry experts and board certified physicians who treat every patient as an individual. The medical marijuana doctor that you will speak with will treat you with respect, compassion and focus on your unique situation and specific medical condition.

Medical Marijuana Doctor

Cannabis Doctor X Medical Marijuana Clinic Appointments!


A Medical Marijuana Clinic That Cares

The Cannabis Doctor X Difference

Cannabis Doctor X is 100% dedicated to improving the quality of our patients lives through natural and safe alternative medical options.  The purpose of this alternative treatment is to avoid undesirable side effects that are common with traditional pharmaceutical treatment programs.  We connect our patients with a medical marijuana doctor that provides assistance and guides them on a path of all natural health and wellness through the alternative method of medical marijuana treatment.  Cannabis Doctor X provides assistance to our patients that are seeking registration with the Office of Medical Marijuana Use in Florida.  We provide assistance to our patients and help them navigate through every step of the process.  From finding a medical marijuana doctor to submitting their medical marijuana application to the Florida Department of Health, Cannabis Doctor X will be there to hold our patients hand and make sure the process is done correctly the first time.  Several patients with a wide range of backgrounds find effective relief for their debilitating and chronic conditions through medical marijuana treatment.  At Cannabis Doctor X we pride ourselves on being compassionate and open minded to make the process of getting a Florida medical marijuana card as comfortable and convenient as possible for our patients.  

The services of Cannabis Doctor X are available to potential, new and existing clients.  Our mission is to provide essential services for people who are seeking assistance in obtaining their medical marijuana card or need help finding a compassionate and competent medical marijuana doctor.  Florida state laws are constantly being modified or updated and we feel it is our duty to provide qualified medical marijuana treatment patients with updated information in regards to entering the medical marijuana use program and develop a compassionate long term relationship with a medical marijuana doctor. 

Cannabis Doctor X is the most trusted source for appointments with a medical marijuana doctor in your area.  If you or a loved one is suffering from a debilitating or chronic condition and the use of medical marijuana would be beneficial please contact one of our medical marijuana clinic locations for more information or to schedule an appointment with a state certified medical marijuana physician. 

Medical Marijuana Doctor

Cannabis Doctor X Medical Marijuana Clinic Appointments!