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Various studies suggest that, when used correctly, medical marijuana can help treat anxiety symptoms. It is important to mention, though, some individuals report increased anxiety following cannabis use. Anxiety is a challenging condition that can disrupt your daily life if untreated. If you are interested in alternative methods to help alleviate anxiety symptoms, you may want to consider the benefits that medical cannabis can provide.

What is Anxiety?

Most people encounter bouts of anxiety throughout their lifetime. Anxiousness typically occurs when facing difficult decisions, stressful situations, or issues at home or work. Occasional anxiety is normal from time to time—however, individuals with an anxiety disorder experience frequent, intense symptoms.

High levels of anxiety can lead to unhealthy coping strategies, poor mental and physical health, and several other complications. Living with anxiety every day can make standard life experiences challenging.

Common Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders impact each individual in different ways. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that almost 20% of U.S. adults dealt with an anxiety disorder within the past year. Some common symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Consistent feelings of worry
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Feeling of being “on edge”
  • Restlessness

Persistent anxiety can manifest itself in physical symptoms. These symptoms may include:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Weakness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth

Can Cannabis Treat Anxiety?

Like many aspects within the realm of medical cannabis, clinical trials are limited. However, according to cannabis user surveys and recent animal studies, medical marijuana may help alleviate some symptoms of anxiety.

In terms of CBD, a study from 2010 suggests that CBD oil can lower symptoms of anxiety in people with social anxiety disorder. In addition, several studies involving animals suggest that CBD oil can help reduce symptoms of several different anxiety disorders. However, human studies are needed to confirm the findings.

Cannabis user surveys show a 58% reduction in stress and anxiety. The survey intended to research if cannabis use can ease anxiety and depression. The mentioned survey showed that high CBD and THC levels gave the best results in reducing stress.

Four Ways Medical Marijuana Can Help Alleviate Anxiety Symptoms

Smoking medical marijuana is just one way to feel the plant’s medicinal effects. Many people use smokeless alternatives to alleviate anxiety symptoms, such as medical marijuana edibles. Four ways medical marijuana can help alleviate anxiety symptoms include:

Overcome Stress

People with anxiety are very familiar with dealing with stress. Coping with stress can be debilitating for those with anxiety. Whether it is an argument with a loved one or issues at work, stress can trigger aspects of your anxiety, causing it to skyrocket. Medical cannabis can play a role in overcoming stress from particular situations.

In some cases, people with anxiety spend an overwhelming amount of time worrying. Medical marijuana can help ease the stress associated with worrying. To combat anxiety, clinical professionals recommend finding healthy ways to cope with and manage stress.

Get More Sleep

Anxiety symptoms can make it extremely difficult to keep a healthy sleep schedule. It is not uncommon for people with anxiety to spend time ruminating instead of sleeping. Lack of sleep not only makes anxiety symptoms worse but can also cause serious mental and physical side effects. Medical marijuana, in all forms, can help calm the mind at night. Increasing sleep time and sleep quality can be effective in alleviating general anxiety.

Relaxation Over Restlessness

Feeling restless is a primary symptom of anxiety. Restlessness can occur at any moment. Unfortunately, restlessness impacts general productivity. For some, medical marijuana can help give a break in worrying and the restless feeling. For example, if you plan to relax and watch a movie, medical marijuana can help you focus completely on the movie and decrease rumination.

Pain Management

Medical marijuana is not a cure for pain. However, research indicates that some strains of medical marijuana can help reduce pain. For those suffering anxiety because of chronic pain, this can be highly beneficial. Talk to your medical marijuana doctor about what type of medical cannabis can help with your situation.

Can Cannabis Cause Anxiety?

For some, cannabis use can trigger symptoms of anxiety. Many variables factor into the effect that cannabis has on each person. It is essential to use medical cannabis as directed to avoid any undesirable effects. Some research suggests that a higher concentration of THC may be linked to causing anxiety.

Experts do not know whether cannabis use is a direct cause of anxiety. Nonetheless, proper research and following the directions of your medical marijuana doctor can help you avoid any adverse effects of medical cannabis.

Remedies for Anxiety

In addition to using medical marijuana to alleviate anxiety, there are several alternative ways to help with symptoms. These include:

  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Being physically active
  • Reducing caffeine intake
  • Reducing alcohol consumption
  • Counseling or therapy
  • Medication

At Cannabis Doctor X, we have a deep understanding of medical marijuana and what it can offer specific individuals. Our goal is to deliver an authentic approach to our patient’s health and wellness. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, call us today.