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If you’re a medical marijuana card holder in Palm Beach Gardens and nearby Florida communities, it’s important to follow the steps outlined by the Florida Department of Health to make sure you’re going through your medical marijuana card renewal process.

Florida requires you to renew your medical marijuana card every 210 days through certification and evaluation with a state-certified cannabis doctor. This process is quick and easy, and Cannabis Doctor X can walk you through it.

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We Make MMJ Card Renewal in Palm Beach Gardens Easy!

If you’re looking to obtain a medical marijuana card for the first time or live near Palm Beach Gardens and want to renew your MMJ card, Cannabis Doctor X is the top-rated medical marijuana clinic in the area and can ensure you don’t have a lapse in your coverage. We will contact you prior to your medical card renewal expiration to schedule your re-evaluation appointment in time to get your paperwork filled out and filed.

The first step toward your MMJ card renewal is your re-evaluation appointment. Taking place in our Palm Beach Gardens office, you will meet with a state-certified cannabis doctor to re-visit your symptoms and treatment plan.

Don’t Forget your Medical Marijuana Renewal in Palm Beach Gardens

You will need to fill out MMJ renewal forms required by the state of Florida and Cannabis Doctor X can email those to you ahead of time or you can fill them out at your appointment. During your re-evaluation, our state-certified doctors will perform a thorough evaluation to see if you still qualify for continued treatment using medical marijuana.

There are many qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card that are recognized by the Florida Department of Health. Some of the most common conditions are chronic pain, anxiety, depression, acne, insomnia, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). There are, however, a lot of common and uncommon conditions that could qualify for your issue or renewal of your medical marijuana card. A trusted, state-certified cannabis doctor clinic, like Cannabis Doctor X, can work with you to help determine your eligibility and treatment plan.

If through our MMJ renewal evaluation, Cannabis Doctor X determines you no longer qualify or will benefit from a medical marijuana card, we will waive the cost of your card renewal and recertification through our 100% satisfaction, no-risk guarantee.

medical marijuana card renewal Palm Beach Gardens FL

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Once our Palm Beach Gardens medical marijuana doctors have determined your eligibility to renew your MMJ card, we will work on your treatment recommendation. Much like a traditional prescription, your treatment plan could remain the same or could be tweaked to best address the current state of your chronic or debilitating condition. Our state-certified medical marijuana doctors will issue an official statement recommending the renewal of your medical marijuana card.

Finally, your MMJ card renewal will be registered with the state of Florida. This, along with your re-certification application, is submitted and will remain valid for another 210 days. This allows you to purchase medical marijuana from any state-certified dispensary in Florida for the duration of your MMJ card renewal.

As a patient of Cannabis Doctor X, we will keep all your applications and treatment information on file along with your medical marijuana card information. We will proactively contact you prior to the expiration of your medical marijuana card so you can get your renewal completed without a lapse in coverage. If you’re in the Palm Beach Gardens area, contact Cannabis Doctor X today to learn more about obtaining or renewing your medical marijuana card.

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How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card

Wondering how to get a medical marijuana card?  Follow the simple three-step process displayed below.

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1. Schedule An Appointment

You can schedule an appointment for a medical marijuana card evaluation online or via a phone call.

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2. Receive A Evaluation

Our certified State of Florida doctor will determine if a medical marijuana card will best help you find relief.

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3.  Same Day Registration

You can schedule an appointment for a medical marijuana card evaluation online or via a phone call.

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